20 October 2013

Genealogy Roadshow survey results

Thanks to the 65 people who responded to the one question survey on the PBS Genealogy Roadshow series.
The vast majority had seen the show, liked it and wanted it to continue to a second season. Four in five of those, the green part of the pie, wanted more in-depth material added through a website, as is often done with PBS informational programming.

The following comments were left by those who selected the "other" option.

- DNA is "old news." Let's hear more compelling stories. Anyone can buy a $99 DNA test to "know who they are."

- Thought it was great, and am sorry that it appears to have been only 4 programs!

- too focused on finding celebrity ancestors, only watched 1st show

- Continue with program but do not have a host

- maybe a few less cases each episode so more indepth interview could take place

- prefer an approach with more substance

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