07 October 2013

Great map of late 19th century London

The National Library of Scotland have put online some fine-scale Ordnance Survey maps of London. They are registered to modern Google, Bing or Open StreetMap maps. Using a horizontal slider, next to the +/- zoom, you can fade between the maps. Really handy.
I was astonished to find a place I have been search for previously, where my great-great-grandfather spent his last years with one of his married daughters, Ely Terrace off Mile End Road, is not only on the map, you can see the footprint of the individual houses.
Coverage is for most of the then urban area. There's a search that will find many street names too.
Find it at http://goo.gl/6pzCx4

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Persephone said...

Golly! In two quick searches, I learned that the street where my husband's great-grandfather raised his family in Upper Norwood is virtually unchanged, and that the street where my great-grandfather was born in Hoxton is changed beyond recognition (and there used to be a public urinal on the corner!). What a wonderful resource!