11 October 2013

Memory of the World Register

Browse to the new TNA website, scroll down and you'll see an interesting news item. They are seeking nominations for the UK National Register for the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

UNESCO has a Memory of the World International Register, which is a catalogue of documentary heritage of global significance and outstanding universal value. Many countries have national registers, naturally I was interested if there is a Canadian version.

A quick call to Pauline Dugr√©, Communication and Information officer at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO revealed that it's something they are actively working on, and expect to have a first call for nominations in 2014.

Up to now there has been success in getting four Canadian items into the international register.

Hudson’s Bay Company Archival records

Neighbours, animated, directed and produced by Norman McLaren in 1952

Quebec Seminary Collection, 1623-1800 (17th-19th centuries)

and added just this year

The Discovery of Insulin and its Worldwide Impact

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