24 October 2013

Top Irish Genetic Genealogy Videos

I've been asked for advice on which are the best YouTube videos out of the nine from the Genetic Genealogy Ireland event last weekend. They're almost all slightly under an hour in length.

The most popular, the one most viewed, is Autosomal DNA, Adoptees and Finding Long-lost Irish Relatives presented by Maurice Gleeson. It's well worth viewing if you're interest is autosomal DNA tests and what they can achieve for the genealogist, and in my view everyone serious about genealogy should now be taking an autosomal DNA test as routine for their research.

Next most viewed is Pinpointing Your Irish Origin Using Commercial Ancestral DNA Testing by Tyrone Bowes. He has a company, Irish Origenes, where he offer service for fee, and now Scottish and English equivalents. Interestingly he states that it's easier to use his technique for Irish ancestry owing to the strong link between Y-DNA, localized surnames established in Ireland earlier than in Scotland and England, and land passed from father to son. A good talk, especially for those with Irish paternal roots.

Debbie Kennett's talk on DNA for Beginners: the three tests is just what the title says. It's well presented and warrants being third most viewed.

In last place in terms of number of views, but a talk that illustrates how an autosomal DNA test was able to break through a brickwall where a Y-DNA study had failed, is How DNA Testing and Analysis has Transformed the Knowledge of a Manx Family's History - So Far by John Creer.

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