28 October 2013

More in-depth for Genealogy Roadshow desired

Before we get to the end of the month, here are the results of the one question survey posted here on the 15th, "Please choose the response which best reflects your opinion of the (PBS) Genealogy Roadshow, or add your own thoughts."

By a nine to one margin respondents favoured continuing the show, and of those favouring a new series about the same ratio would like more in-depth supplemental material  through a website.

The comments were:

- Contine, add website and do a Canadian version.
- DNA is "old news." Let's hear more compelling stories. Anyone can buy a $99 DNA test to "know who they are."
- Thought it was great, and am sorry that it appears to have been only 4 programs!
- too focused on finding celebrity ancestors, only watched 1st show.
- Continue with program but do not have a host.
- maybe a few less cases each episode so more in-depth interview could take place
- prefer an approach with more substance.

1 comment:

glenmor said...

I enjoyed the history lesson each episode but there wasn't any genealogy lesson to speak of. I miss the old Ancestor in the Attic series! We used to "see" where the information came from and learned about all sorts of obscure records in the process.