10 October 2013

Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food

Professor Jeffrey Pilcher of the Department of History, University of Minnesota will deliver the first in this year's Shannon Lectures on Friday, October 11. The lecture is entitled "Planet Taco: a Global History of Mexican food," at 3 pm in Carleton University's Paterson Hall, Room 303. A reception will follow.
People often ask, "what is authentic Mexican food?” The burritos and taco shells that many people think of as Mexican were actually created in the United States, while Americanized foods have recently been carried around the world in tin cans and tourist restaurants. By telling the stories of the “Chili Queens” of San Antonio and the inventors of the taco shell, it will show how Mexican Americans helped to make Mexican food global. This talk will examine the differing historical perceptions of Mexican food as well as the contemporary struggle between globalization and national sovereignty represented by the clash of fast food and Mexican regional cuisines.

While in the building take a look at the exhibit "Whose Astrolabe? Origin and Cultural Ownership of a Canadian Icon" on the 4th floor of Paterson Hall until the end of November.

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