21 October 2013

French in London: what might have been

To celebrate Trafalgar Day, 21 October, the Mapping London blog points to a news-sheet from London restaurant chain Brasserie Blanc with a reinterpretation of London street and landmark names as they might have appeared if Nelson had not been victorious.  Find the pdf here, you'll need to rotate the map on the second page counterclockwise to read.


Susan said...

Great map to view while contemplating "what might have been," and this B R A S S E R I E B L A N C will be a stop on the next trip to London. I actually had fun reading the menu, FIVE MOOD-BOOSTING FOODS TO EAT THIS MONDAY. A laugh, in the column, S A V I E Z - V O U S , It’s illegal to name a pig Napoleon in France. So I guess it would be legal to do so in Quebec. lol. Wherever do you get these????? Thanks for making me smile and help with "what's for dinner tonight."

Ellen Thorne Morris said...

To find over 100 maps of London on one site is wonderful. I will be looking in the Bishopsgate area where an ancestor lived in the mid 1700s