10 October 2013

Anglo-Celtic Connections landmark

Sometime late today I expect to surpass the one million pageview landmark. Thanks to all who have visited, especially the regular visitors and those who contribute with news tips.

For some while I've been contemplating changing the blog name. Anglo-Celtic Connections was used as it echoed the title of the BIFHSGO quarterly chronicle, Anglo-Celtic Roots. But it might be a more accurate reflection of the blog content if it had a more Canadian title, perhaps Anglo-Canadian Connections. Please leave a comment with your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Margaret Anne in Ottawa says,
Keep the name you have. Anglo suggests English only as in anglophone for English speaking Canadians(not a designation I even like) It brings to mind a company where I grew up called, Anglo Pulp and Paper.

Persephone said...

Don't lose the "Celtic"! What about "Anglo-Celtic and Canadian Connections"? (Although, frankly, I think that implies a narrower focus than your blog has.)

Judy Webster said...

Keep the existing name. The description is adequate explanation of what your blog is about. I am not keen on changes of 'brand name'.

Anonymous said...

If you drop the Celtic then you will have to drop the Anglo too. I am sure all who follow this blog know it is Canada based. It was the 'Celtic' that drew my attention to your excellent blog in the first place. Leave well alone.
S in Scotland.