02 October 2013

Would you download your Family Tree Maker?

Rick Roberts of Global Genealogy has posted news that Ancestry is to discontinue physical distribution of Family Tree Maker in Canada

While those in the US continue to have access to the physical (CD) product from now on Family Tree Maker (FTM) will be available to Canadians as an online download only.

Is this Ancestry shunning the Canadian market, or is it a trial to see how the market reacts? The argument for the former is that neither does the company offer DNA tests in Canada, or anywhere else outside the US. Or could Ancestry be looking to spin off the Canadian operation?

Read more about this at Global Genealogy's website at http://goo.gl/GKvO7r


Anonymous said...

I personally don't like physical software. I like downloads.
I suspect they are just trying to avoid all foreign transactions. this is common with US based vendors.

Elizabeth Kipp said...

I always download Legacy; I haven't loaded it from a disc for a number of years. When you buy a new computer you can just download it to the new machine and put in your customer number to get all the extras. Elizabeth Kipp

Anonymous said...

While I do not mind downloading software (I have a good Internet connection), I do find physical manuals often have advantages over electronic versions (and vice versa). But it seems strange that they would not supply physical copies to a major genealogy distributor like Global Genealogy.