13 October 2013

QFHS Connections: contents

The autumn 2013 issue of Connections, the Journal of the Québec Family History Society, volume 36 issue 1, dropped into my mailbox this week. In addition to the normal news and society announcements there are six short articles.
"The Farnsworth.Phaneuf Connection" comments on the uniquely Montréal transformation from an English to a French construction. "Captives Carried to Canada" follows up on the Farnsworth story during the French and Indian wars.
2013 is a year of anniversaries. The longest article in this issue, "Pilgrimage for Bert" is a perspective on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of operation Husky, the World War II Allied invasion of Italy, and especially the 1st Anti-tank Regiment, 1st Canadian Division. The 350th of the arrival of the first contingent of the Filles du Roi in New France is recalled as almost everyone of French-Canadian descent has at least one such ancestor. And yet another anniversary, the 200th of the Battle of Chateauguay, 25 – 26 October 1813.
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