23 October 2013

Toronto Trust Cemeteries database on FamilySearch

The 150,838 records, with images of the  original register entries, for the Toronto Trust Cemeteries, 1826-1989, are now available at FamilySearch. 

Cemeteries included are:

York General Burying Ground (also called Potter’s Field), 1826-1855;
Necropolis Cemetery, 1849-1989;
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 1876-1988;
Prospect Cemetery, 1890-1985.

Indexed records are available through 1935.

Kudos to Jane MacNamara and her team from the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society for seeing this volunteer project through to fruition.

1 comment:

Jane E. MacNamara said...

Just a note, John, that the database is not fully functional at this point. I encourage readers to wait or try searching again in a couple of days because they will likely get more results.