09 August 2019

160 attendees at a summer Thursday event

Who says genealogists don't come to summertime events. I was amazed and delighted at the number of folks who came to the DNA and Online Resources for Discovering Your Lost Family History event on Thursday. Beyond the National Capital Region there were attendees from Montreal, Brockville and Kingston, and one from Windsor. 160 doesn't count all those staffing the tables in the foyer.

Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage, who gave two professional and entertaining presentations, ran out of DNA kits to sell — always a good sign of success when sales exceed expectations.
Leanne Cooper on The Wonders of WikiTree: Collaborative Genealogy and DNA and Lesley Anderson on Secrets & Shenanigans: How AncestryDNA was used in an unexpected mystery showed that Ottawa speakers are just as capable of giving excellent presentations.

See more photos of the event by BIFHSGO photographer Dena Palamedes here.

Thanks again to all who helped make this an enjoyable event.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you, John. And even in centiMorgans don't stay in my brain, or rather, fly over it, this was an awfully fun day.

Daniel was a delightful speaker.

I have already been on WikiTree by 6:00 this morning as per Leanne and have found some connections already.

And I very much enjoyed Leslely Anderson's talk about her DNA use. It also gave me some better ideas about who to test in my family, and also for my One Place Study. And I bought two discounted Ancestry DNA tests!!

Good on you, John. Cheers, BT