06 August 2019

News about the Statistical Accounts of Scotland

The Statistical Accounts of Scotland Online website is being hosted by the University of Edinburgh Library for a period of two years starting 1 August 2019. Scans, transcripts, map-based searching and our Related Resources will be available free of charge to all users. As a result of these changes, you no longer need a subscription or a user account to use the website.

The Old Statistical Account (1791-99) and the New Statistical Account (1834-45) are uniquely rich parish reports, written by Church of Scotland ministers, detailing social conditions in Scotland.

Over the next year, the Statistical Accounts Board will be working with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, Historic Environment Scotland and the National Library of Scotland on their plans to integrate the Statistical Accounts of Scotland into their national collections.

Based on information from the Statistical Accounts of Scotland via a post on British Genes.

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