16 August 2019

Ancestry corporate news

Under the headline "Ancestry.com Owners Aim to Extract $900 Million Payout With Loan" Bloomberg report that "An investor group led by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC and private equity firm Silver Lake Management LLC is looking to pull out more than $900 million from the company through a special dividend mostly funded by new borrowings. They are also seeking approval for another one-time distribution before year-end."

Read the full story at https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ancestry-com-owners-aim-extract-160436335.html

Tip on the hat to Susan Courage for the link.


Unknown said...

Makes one wonder if increases in costs to their subscriptions and DNA kits is coming. Certainly explains why they no longer give great deals on their subscription rates.

Unknown said...

I wondered when this would happen. They haven't sold out for ...3 years? 4? It's all about the money.