28 August 2019

BIFHSGO conference too successful?

Maybe! This notice has appeared on the society website.

Registration for the Friday Seminars, the City of Ottawa Archives Tour and Sunday Only is still open. Full Conference and Saturday Only Registrations have been closed. If you would like to be put on the wait list for Full Conference Registration, please contact conferenceregistrar@bifhsgo.ca/.

Maybe the conference committee will need to find a larger venue for future conferences.


Anonymous said...

This says a lot about the quality of the conferences, John. That is what attracted me to BIFHSGO in the second place. The first thing was the quality of the talks at the regular meetings.

I think the first time I ever said a word at a regular meeting was how impressed I was by the quality of the talks, saying they were terrific.

And yes, I will be back at the research room again this year. Even if I don't attend many of the talks myself anymore, now being a deesgooostingly experienced researcher now, besides being modest, I still love helping newbies at the beginning of their research. BTW, I am still coaching a newbie in Devon I stayed with at his and his wife's AirBnB on this year's UK trip. He's having a ball!!! Cheers, BT

Linda Reid said...

Congratulations to BIFHSGO. The conference program is excellent. I would be there if I weren't going on an international trip. Don't look for a bigger venue because a bigger conference isn't necessarily a better conference. One of the strengths of a BIFHSGO conference is its clearly-defined focus. Trying to have "something for everyone" usually turns out to be "not much for anyone".

Anderley said...

I get what you're saying John - the venue just needs to be bigger in order to accommodate more attendees!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with having a bigger venue. This is organized by volunteers who are stretched to the limit as it is. Putting more pressure on the organizers to have a "bigger and better" conference might result in people being reluctant to volunteer. The "appeal" of the present conference is that it is of high quality, but very personal in nature, too.
M. Anne Sterling