31 August 2019

British Newspaper Archive additions for August

The British Newspaper Archive now has a total of 33,549,831 pages online (33,004,439 last month). 45 papers (43 last month) had pages added in the past month. There were 20 new titles. Dates range from 1849 to 1993.

The 16 newspapers with more than 10,000 pages added during the month are:

North British Agriculturist1849-1859, 1861-1864
Clyde Bill of Entry and Shipping List1874-1903, 1905-1914
Staffordshire Sentinel1993-1995
Alloa Journal1859-1912
Forfar Herald1884-1933
Dalkeith Advertiser1869-1959
Newcastle Daily Chronicle1870, 1872-1887, 1891-1896, 1899-1909, 1912-1914, 1916-1923
Aberdeen Press and Journal1991-1993
The Queen1905-1912
Aberdeen Evening Express1992-1993
Daily Review (Edinburgh)1863, 1879-1883
Northern Scot and Moray & Nairn Express1880-1912
Devon Valley Tribune1899-1952
Portadown News1922-1925, 1927-1956
Coatbridge Express1885-1951
Banffshire Advertiser1881-1902, 1905-1912

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