02 August 2019

More Netherlands records on Ancestry

The following index records were updated on 31 July on Ancestry. The source is the commercial site WieWasWie — linked so you can purchase images of the original.

Netherlands, Population Registers Index, 1720-1944 (in Dutch)11,324,119
Netherlands, Baptism Index, 1557-1902 (in Dutch)16,631,058
Netherlands, Marriage Index, 1575-1938 (in Dutch)3,410,859
Netherlands, Death Index, 1795-1969 (in Dutch)34,876,013
Netherlands, Birth Index, 1784-1917 (in Dutch)29,992,380
Netherlands, Newspaper Announcements Index, 1795-1945 (in Dutch)5,056,879
Netherlands, Dutch East India Company Crew Index, 1633-1795 (in Dutch)836,988
Netherlands, Burial Index, 1540-1899 (in Dutch)1,638,989

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A van Helsdingen said...

I would just like to point out that WieWasWie is mostly free to use. Images can be viewed without a subscription. The main benefit of a subscription is having more search options such as wildcards https://www.wiewaswie.nl/en/subscription/