23 August 2019

Society of Genealogists plans to relocate

The following is posted on the Society of Genealogists website.

After two years of careful analysis and discussions, the Trustees of the Society of Genealogists have concluded that we have finally outgrown our premises in Clerkenwell and are seeking to relocate.

Charterhouse Buildings is our fifth home since the Society was founded in 1911. But after 35 years, the current library no longer provides adequate space and facilities for our needs and requires significant investment for major repairs, maintenance and IT.

Moving to more suitable premises will enable the Society to reinvest in our core services of providing the best genealogical library and collections in the UK, to continue and expand upon our education programme and to create a more convivial space for our members and users.

No decisions have yet been made about when we will move or where we will go. Rest assured no decision will be made until we have consulted widely and sought advice and input from our stakeholders. The process will no doubt take some time and it is unlikely to be less than a three to five-year period.

We hope that our members and friends will join us in this period of transformation and look forward to better times ahead.

For any further comment or questions please direct enquiries to June Perrin, Chief Executive Officer, Society of Genealogists, ceo@sog.org.uk

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Anonymous said...

I hope they keep closeness to a tube station high on their list of priorities. Getting to the London Metropolitan Archives is a pain as it is so far from Farringdon Station, and mostly uphill. Cheers, BT