10 August 2019

Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet (2nd ed) now on sale

Chris Paton blogs that the 2nd edition of his popular book is now available  —Pen & Sword wouldn't be publishing the 2nd edition if it weren't popular.

I expect to have the chance to review it in due course. In the meantime here's the table of contents.

Chapter 1 – The Genealogical Landscape
 Recording information
 Gateway sites
 Irish Archives
 British archives
 Commercial vendors
 Commercial research services
 Networking and Communication

Chapter 2 – The Vital Records 
 Civil registration
 Other civil records sources
 Adoption and children
 Records in Britain
 Overseas British records
 Surname distributions
 Parish registers
 Wills and probate
 Biographical resources
 Books and other periodicals
 DNA testing

Chapter 3 – Where They Lived 
 Census records
 1901 and 1911 censuses
 1821-1891 census remnants
 British censuses
 1939 National Identity Register (UK)
 Other censuses
 Census substitutes
 Land records
 Other land listings
 Maps, gazetteers and place names

Chapter 4 – Occupations 
 The Military
 Merchant Navy
 Law and Order
 Other professions
 The Poor

Chapter 5 – The Decade of Centenaries
 Home Rule Crisis
 Women’s Suffrage
 The Dublin Lockout
 The First World War
 The Easter Rising
 Towards Independence
 The Treaty and Civil War
 Ireland's Revolutionaries

Chapter 6 – Ulster

Chapter 7 – Munster

Chapter 8 – Connacht

Chapter 9 – Leinster

Chapter 10 – Ireland's Diaspora
 United States
 New Zealand
 South America
 Ireland Reaching Out
 Irish Citizenship

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