21 August 2019

CAA does family history in Scotland

"Genealogy travel is a trend on the rise as people look to the past to understand their present."
CAA Magazine, Fall 2019 issue explores this through the eyes of Adam McCulloch who recounts his exploration of his Scottish ancestry. His supposed ancestor, Sir Godfrey McCulloch was executed in Edinburgh on 26 March 1697. From the Scotlands People Centre the trail leads him to Dumfries and Galloway, and on to Glasgow. Along the way, he retraces the ancestral journey and meets a McCulloch family historian.
According to the article, 50 million people worldwide claim Scottish heritage; the resident population is 5.5 million.
More than 3.5 million international visitors came to Scotland last year, 620 thousand from North America. The Scottish National Tourist Office is quoted as estimating that 34% of the Canadian visitors came to explore their ancestry.


Anonymous said...

At risk of being attacked on social media for saying this, I have often thought, since the first time I visited Scotland in 1985 and couldn't get warm or dry the entire time until we drove back over the English border, that getting out of Scotland was the best thing my Scottish ancestors ever did. Seriously. Cheers, BT

Anonymous said...

Just to provide another experience, we have visited often, in pursuit of family history, and it has always been a wonderful experience - warm and welcoming people, great food (especially the seafood), interesting tours, and historic lodging, from castles, to B&Bs and comfortable trailer (caravan) parks. David Taylor

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says...

Just a thought...I don’t think you can have had Scottish ancestors. Scots are made of much sterner stuff!