01 August 2019

Internet Genealogy: August/September 2019

Internet Genealogy" focuses on keeping today's family historian up-to-date with the vast and ever-growing collection of genealogy-related resources, software, tools, products, technologies and more."

Five Go-To Sites You Should Consider
George G. Morgan shares some of his favourite online resources leading off with Cyndi's List. Have I mentioned that Cyndi Ingle will be at the BIFHSGO conference this year?

In Search of Non-Conformist Family Records 
Robbie Gorr suggests ways to determine if your ancestors were non-conformists and where to find the records based on his ancestry from Surrey and Hampshire.

When Life Was a Picnic 
Sue Lisk looks into the past to see what picnics were like for our ancestors. A timely item for summer ... Sue doesn't forget to mention the ants and mosquitoes which were the first things that came to my mind.

Unusual Sources 
Ed Storey offers some tips and strategies for switching it up when the usual sources fail you

“Signed, Sealed, and Delivered” 
From wax to rubber stamps, David A. Norris says there may be quite a collection of seals in your family history papers. Much I hadn't appreciated!

Family History eBooks Made Easier! 
Lisa A. Alzo shares a blueprint for publishing a family history eBook. Researching and writing get you part way, the fun part. To see the glorious final product you need to tackle formatting and publishing challenges. The article includes a page giving tools and conversion platforms.

Some of my Favorite Places
Diane L. Richard looks at some key online resources to supplement your African American research

The Joys of Clutter
Sue Lisk polls the experts for tips on organizing your genealogical treasures — as you can see, a topic I need help with. The advice from various sources creates another kind of clutter — organizational. Sue falls back on "choose a system that works for you." Perhaps clutter works for you, which is why it's such a joy!

Lineal Links 
Joe Grandinetti examines a project that will focus on the historical slave trade and the lives of people who were part of it.

Washington State Archives – Digital Archives 
Tony Bandy revisits one of the first archives dedicated to the preservation of electronic records and a great family history resource.

Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Back Page
Dave Obee ponders the ethics of DNA testing for genealogy. Questions, questions and more questions! What answers will Blaine Bettinger have in his BIFHSGO conference presentation "DNA and the Aftermath of Uncovered Family Secrets"?

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