20 August 2019

Visiting Dead Relatives on Google Street View

A fortnight ago I was checking out an address on Google Street View. There was an image of the friend I was to visit just leaving his house. It was pixilated but he was still recognizable.

In an OK Whatever blog post Jessie Schiewe recount instances where images of a recently deceased relative had been captured.

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Anonymous said...

I have a neighbour who roared with laughter having looked at his own home on streetview a few years ago. He knew exactly when the pics had been taken as a rather odd neighbour had taken offence at people turning their cars around using his driveway, and had mounted a board on two supports at the end of the driveway to stop those turns. That was visible in the streetview pics.

Even funnier, said my neighbour, was that the next day garbage men collected and took away the board and it's supports thinking they were garbage. The rather odd neighbour was outraged. Cheers, BT