22 August 2019

Weather for RootsTech London

Will you be joining us at RootsTech London, 24 - 26 October? Thinking about what clothes to pack for the climate?
It's far too early to know for sure.
The climatological maximum in London for the time of year is 11C (52F), minimum 5C (41F) and one day in three has rain.
Those are averages over 30 years.
Last year for those dates the highest maximum temperature was 17C on 24 October, the lowest minimum 5C on 25 October and two of the three days had rain.
For me coming from Ottawa that suggests a jacket, a light sweater, and a small umbrella.
Floridians should plan on bringing full winter gear!


GeniAus said...

Australians will be in Arctic gear.

Rosemary Morgan said...


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Well maybe not Arctic but closer to Floridians.