07 August 2019

New UK Library search from Jisc

Sometimes you'd like to refer to a book, one your local library can't help you with.

My first stop in this situation, after trying Library and Archives Canada's Aurora or Voil√†, and local university libraries, is WorldCat.

Searching in the UK my first stop would be the British Library catalogue.

Now there's a new UK catalogue resource from Jisc (formerly the Joint Information Systems Committee), the library hub discover service. It's open to all; designed to make UK academic library collections visible through web searches, which means they’re available to a wider audience.  It gives access to details of materials held in many UK national, academic and specialist libraries, currently containing 40,280,184 records created from 95,197,654 records contributed by 115 institutions.

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Anonymous said...

John, thank you for this. I just put in the name of the Ayrshire village where my 3 X gr grandparents came from before moving to Canada in 1820 and it came up with loads of hits. Thank you! Cheers, and I hope I'll see you tomorrow, BT