09 February 2012

BIFHSGO February meeting

The BIFHSGO monthly meeting next Saturday 11 February, starting at 10am, is one I've been eagerly anticipating, and turned down another invitation to attend.

From the BIFHSGO website:
The Hanging Hales
by Gail Roger

There is no such thing as a boring family. If you haven't found something fascinating, scandalous, or downright embarrassing in your family search, you aren't looking hard enough! Some families, though, seem to have more than their share of triumphs and downfalls. Join Gail Roger as she tackles the following questions concerning an engrossing and rather eccentric branch of her family: How is she related to a well-known designer and a goddaughter of the Prince of Wales? Did her great-grandfather once hide under Charles Dickens' chair -- while Dickens was sitting in it? Why did this same great-grandfather refuse to wear a collar, even at weddings? What is a klinker and how do you make a fortune out of it? And finally, why was her great-great-great-grandmother hell-bent on seeing half a dozen men hanged? Listen to a sneek preview of her talk in an podcast interview with Brooke Broadbent.

About the Speaker

Unlike most BIFHSGO presenters, Gail Roger says she is an absolute nobody (not a view shared by people who know her.) She does have a graduate degree which she has failed to use for monetary gain; she used to teach English as a Second Language, but no more. She has been pursuing family history seriously (that is, online and taking courses) for the past eight years and for the sake of her daughters --- who aren't that interested.

Location: Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Come early and browse our Discovery Tables on England, Ireland & Scotland. Meet with family history experts. Free parking is available in the lots east of the building only on Saturdays. Do not use the lot west of the building.

Extra.  Gail is a Dr Who fan and recently posted this impressive video:

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