11 February 2012

OGS Branch blogs

A notice came in from Christine Woodcock of the Brant County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society drawing attention to a blog post QR Codes for Genealogy Societies on the branch blog, one of 159 published since April last year. I tried the site to make a QR code mentioned.
It sets me wondering about other OGS branches and their blogs. There are only three others.
Durham Region has a blog going since 2007, now with 257 posts. The number of posts has been declining since 2009.
The Elgin Country Branch blog has 31 posts starting in 2007, but nothing new since 2010.
Ottawa Branch has 139 posts since inauguration in 2011 and has posted 11 already in February including their historically informative Timeline posts.


Barbara Barr-Haylock said...

Hi John: Don't know about any others but Niagara Peninsula Branch has a blog http://niagarapeninsulabranch.blogspot.com/. And, don't forget the OGS blog.

BDM said...

Toronto Branch's blog is about their projects, largely on cemetery transcribing progress: http://torontofamilyhistory.org/projects/.