17 February 2012

Toronto of OId

Just available on the Internet Archive is Toronto of Old by Henry Scadding. Published in 1878, and nearly 600 pages, it would be a very knowledgeable Torontonian who couldn't learn something from it.
Hogg's Hollow is known to anyone who has travelled Yonge Street, just south of the 401. Use this book to discover how it got its name, or for that matter how Yonge Street got its name.
The Internet Archive texts holds several other books on the history of the city.

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Jane MacNamara said...

John: Several editions of Toronto of Old have been available on Internet Archive for five years or more, as well as many other of Henry Scadding's works about Toronto history. (Search for Scadding and Toronto.) A prolific fellow, his walk through the streets of "Old Toronto" is irreplaceable.