22 February 2012

Cremation facts

indicates we will increasingly not have a marker to rely on for genealogical evidence.
  • Relatively few people are cremated in the US by international standards - the figure currently stands at 40%, though the trend is upwards and there are some big geographical variations.
  • Recent figures show Hawaii and Nevada up near 70%, but Mississippi at less than 10%. That could be a mark of socio-economic status. Statistics tend to show poorer people prefer in-ground burials
  • In Holland, some 57% of all bodies are cremated. 
  • Britain is the biggest cremator in Europe with 73%. 
  • Since the Catholic church eased its opposition to cremation, (there has been) growth in places such as Italy and Spain. 
  • A traditional burial can cost four times as much as cremation. And regarding space, one survey showed 750 burials taking up an acre of ground.

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