Monday, 6 February 2012

From genealogy to family history

Stories Through Data from Ross Forrest on Vimeo.
This video used at RootsTech in one of the non-streamed presentations is a simple clear explanation of moving from traditional records typically used in compiling a basic genealogy, census and civil registration, to the alternative records that can be drawn on to compile a family history.

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Hugh Reekie said...

Rodd did not mention Google Books. One Scots forebear of mine was a Civil Engineer and Water Mill designer. Various printed record books, found in Detroit and Davis California, mention his activities in Scotland. Similarly, some farming problems of my Reekie gt-grandfather's siblings have been recorded in print. Knowing farm names I produce "mini-maps" & create text suggesting how farm leases are obtained. With images of farms, I have created a social picture. One conclusion: marrying a lass with "connections" likely produced a good farm lease! My second and third cousins like the "packaged stories" that I have produced in pdf format.