Sunday, 26 February 2012

WDYTYA Live: Day 2

Folks were lined up at the door to the Olympia exhibition hall at least 90 minutes before the opening. At 9:30am we moved quickly inside the building and spread around the various exhibits and presentations. I spent most of the day recording interviews with International Society of Genetic Genealogy Director Kathrine Bourges, Kirsty Grey of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, Lesley Anderson of BIFHSGO and Ancestry, Chris Paton who writes the British GENES blog, BIFHSGO member Brenda Turner who had a memorable experience earlier in the day, and Debra Chatfield from Find My Past who, to my surprise, had a story of a very successful home children in her family history. Some of these I expect to get posted on the BIFHSGO blog in the coming days and weeks.
Also thanks to Dan Lynch for the advice on Google+ hangouts. I look forward to try that out with him. He also mentioned that increasingly he is delivering talks remotely to smaller societies at much less cost than travelling. Dick Eastman had also previously mentioned preferring to speak to smaller societies.
I won't be back for day 3 so let me express thanks to the organizers and exhibitors too numerous to mention individually for a wonderful event, better this year than last with the increased number of presentations.

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