19 February 2012

Royal Army Medical Corps Muniments Collection

Researching a British Army medical officer? If so you may benefit from the most popular collection at London`s Wellcome Library, that of the Royal Army Medical Corps Muniments Collection. In 454 boxes, 134 oversize boxes and folders, it's described as reports, diaries, memoirs, photographs and memorabilia given to the RAMC Museum and Library by former officers and men of the Corps. Some date back to Marlborough's campaigns of the late 17th century; there is also material relating to the continuing European and Imperial conflicts of the 18th and early 19th centuries, the Crimean War (1854-1856), the Boer War and the Balkan conflicts of the early 20th century, the two World Wars, the Korean War and other smaller conflicts.

Other popular collections at the Wellcome Library are in this blog posting.

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Chris Paton said...

Thanks for this John. My grandfather's cousin was a brigadier in the RAMC, so off to have a look!