16 February 2012

Heritage Ottawa lecture: 16 February

The 7th Annual Bob and Marry Anne Phillips Memorial Lecture Full Circle: conservation and 'adaptive use' in restoring the Jeanne D'Arc Institute on Sussex Drive will take place in the Ottawa Public Library Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe St., corner of Laurier Ave. W today, Thursday, February 16, 7pm

Designer/developer Ian Johns and author Sarah Jennings recount their adventures in bringing new life to five historic Sussex Drive buildings through a private, subsidy-free development agreement with the National Capital Commission. This first leasehold project of its kind in Canada’s capital has taken buildings dating from Bytown’s earliest days and the more recent Jeanne d’Arc Institute, between Clarence and York Streets, to form a commercial/residential development that provides a lively and thriving full city block on Ottawa’s “Mile of History”

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