22 February 2012

Family Chronicle: Mar/Apr 2012 issue

The lead-off article in the Mar/Apr issues of Family Chronicle, Canada's leading "how-to guide to tracing your ancestors," is Tech Tools for Genealogists. Tony Bandy gives and overview of technological developments, both hardware and software, that can help in researching your family history with links to sources for more detail.
Michael Hait needs to only slightly exercise the full powers of a CG in his article Using Common Records to Overcome "Same Name" Problems in which he demonstrates using a series of city directories to resolve confusion between people of the same name who die between the 1880 and 1900 US censuses.
Pat Javor's article Alexander Lunan: A Case Study on researching an ancestor's accident, or attempted murder, is a good example of drawing on a wide range of documentary evidence, and a serendipitous meeting with another researcher of the same family while visiting an archive.

The full contents of this issue are:
Tech Tools for Genealogists
Tony Bandy looks at some technologies and tools that can help give your research a boost!
Those Pesky Same Names
Michael Hait shows how to use common records to overcome "same name" problems
Freedmen's Bureau Records
Diane L. Richard shows us a great resource for post Civil War research
Alexander Lunan: A Case Study
Pat Javor tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of her great-great uncle
Deciphering Jewish Tombstones
Arnon Hershkovitz, Ph.D. tells you what to look for in a Jewish cemetery
Lynn Cassity looks at a handy "app" for tracking cemeteries and tombstones using your smartphone
Borton Family Letters
Jana Sloan Broglin, CG looks at how letters written by your Civil War ancestors can aid your family history research
Proving Oral History
Janis Forté researches four ancestors who worked for the US Postal Service
Borders & Bridges: 1812 to 2012
Nancy Cutway of the Ontario Genealogical Society sheds light on the upcoming 2012 Conference to be held in Kingston, Ontario
Setting Up a Genealogy Budget
Jacky Gamble looks at how to ensure you get the most bang for your genealogy buck!
Frontiers in Family History
John D. Reid reviews Debbie Kennett's DNA and Social Networking
Planning a Scottish Research Trip
Christine Woodcock offers advice on planning a research trip to Scotland
Bonnets and Hats
Maureen Taylor enlightens us on the fashionable headware of our ancestors

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