27 February 2012

The future of WDYTYA

According to my poll last Friday's Blair Underwood episode of the NBC TV program Who Do You Think You Are? was the best in the series so far, but that didn't hold true for viewership. According to the Geneabloggers blog "the total viewers for the episode were 4.99 million, with a 1.0 Rating and a 3 Share for the key 18-49 demographic. The episode ranked 3rd in its time slot and 5th for the overall evening ranking which represents a 10% decrease of viewership over last week’s Marisa Tomei episode and a 20% decrease over the premier episode with Martin Sheen."

Thomas McEntee speculates there may be weather or economic reasons, or it could be the competition is just more popular.

In the meantime in the UK reports are the the UK TV program will continue for another season and that WDYTYA Live will be back next year 22-24 February.


Unknown said...

When they figure viewership, do they count people who are recording the episode for later viewing?

Cannuk said...

I wonder about ratings, because watching it on the internet on a later date is getting more and more popular, too.

Also, there are some distinct differences between the US and UK versions. The UK version is longer because it is not interrupted by so many commercials. It gives you more time to get into the story. Secondly, the BBC does not allow as much product placement for Ancestry as they do in the US, so it doesn't seem so much like an infomercial. Finally, the BBC version is reinforced by a magazine and, of course, WDYTYA Live.

Still, I enjoy both versions very much and hope they carry on.