13 February 2012

OGS conference 2012 and 2013

There is now a call for proposed presentations for the 2013 Ontario Genealogical Society conference to be held at Oshawa with the theme Pulling up Stakes – Putting Down Roots. The deadline for proposals is 31 July, 2012. More information via EOGN.

A reminder that registration is now open for the 2012 edition of the OGS conference, this year being held in Kingston. The speakers are:
Phil Ainsworth, Lesley Anderson, Ruth Burkholder, Sharon Callaghan, Lisa Louise Cooke, Jane L. Down, David Hemming, Evelyn Kolish, Jane E. MacNamara, Fran Murphy, Serge Paquet, Guylaine Petrin, John D. Reid, Rick Roberts,  Lois Sparling,
Chris Watts, Joseph Wearing, Meldon J. Wolfgang III, F.G.B.S., Glenn Wright, Stephen Young.
There's more information at http://www.ogs.on.ca/conference2012/

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