03 February 2012

WDYTYA: Martin Sheen

The first episode of the 3rd season of the US version of Who Do You Think You Are? aired on NBC, and CITY-TV in Canada, on Friday evening. Two uncles from different sides of the family had been imprisoned, one fighting for the legitimate government, the other against, and both got a sympathetic treatment. Your opinion please?


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to vote with any accuracy, as this was approached in a very different way from the other shows. Other episodes used many more documents, especially those from Ancestry. This one seemed to rely on "magic" as the documents just appeared. After one look at Ancestry Martin announced he needed to go to Ireland. MAS

Anonymous said...

As professional genealogists we need to remember that WDYTYA is an entertainment and promotion venture. That is why it focuses upon celebrities. The value in it for us is that it stirs the imagination of viewers to consider the possibilities for their own research and isn't that what we want?

JDR said...

The UK and previous US series have shown WDYTYA can be successful combining celebrity, entertainment and education.