04 February 2012

New Lincolnshire parish marriage records at FMP

From 1699 to 1838 findmypast.co.uk has 38,269 new Lincolnshire parish marriage records for 76,538 people online. The parishes included are:

Aisthorpe, Aubourn Barlings, Bassingham, Blankney, Blyborough, Blyton, Boothby
Graffoe, Boultham, Bracebridge, Branston, Brattleby, Broxholme, Burton by Lincoln, Caenby, Cammeringham, Canwick, Carlton le Moorland, Cherry Willingham, Coates by Stow, Cold Hanworth, Coleby, Corringham, Doddington Pigot, Dunholme, Dunston, Eagle, Fillingham, Firsby by Saxby, Fiskerton, Gainsborough, Gate Burton, Glentham, Glentworth, Greetwell, Hackthorn, Harmston, Harpswell, Heapham, Hemswell, Hykeham, Ingham, Kettlethorpe, Kirkby Green, Knaith, Laughton, Lea, Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln St Benedict, Lincoln St Botolph, Lincoln St John, Lincoln St Margaret, Lincoln St Mark, Lincoln St Martin, Lincoln St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln St Mary Magdalen, Lincoln St Michael on the Mount, Lincoln St Nicholas, Lincoln St Paul in the Bail, Lincoln St Peter at Arches, Lincoln St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln St Peter in Eastgate, Lincoln St Swithin, Marton, Metheringham, Navenby, Nettleham, Newton on Trent, Nocton,

Normanby by Spital, North Carlton, North Scarle, Norton Disney, Owmby by Spital,
Pilham, Potterhanworth, Reepham, Saxby by Owmby, Saxilby, Scampton, Scopwick,
Scothern, Skellingthorpe, Skinnand, South Carlton, Spridlington, Springthorpe, Stainton by Langworth, Stapleford, Stow, Sudbrooke, Swinderby, Thorpe on the Hill, Thurlby by Lincoln, Timberland, Torksey, Upton cum Kexby, Waddington, Washingborough, Wellingore, Welton by Lincoln, Willingham by Stow, Willoughton.

These transcriptions typically do not include parents names. A few do include year of birth.

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