20 February 2012

Investigating HMS Investigator

Friend and BIFHSGO member Barbara Tose sent me a link to a fascinating article about exploring the wreck of HMS Investigator, a British vessel that has sat on the bottom of Mercy Bay in Canada`s High Arctic for more than 160 years. Barbara is part of the team working to conserve artifacts recovered.
Read the story at Saga of the Northwest Passage, published by the Archaeological Institute of America.
It may be of special interest if you research a surname belonging to one of the British crew:  They were: Anderson, Armstrong,  Batten, Biggs, Bluff, Bonnsall, Bow, Boyle, Bradbury, Brown, Calder, Carmichael, Carroll, Court, Cresswell, Davies, Eames, Evans, Facey, Farquharson, Fawcett, Flynn, Ford, Gauen, Gibbs, Griffiths, Haswell, Hulott, Keefe, Kennedy, Kerr, King, Mackenzie, May, M'Clure, M'Donald, Mierching, Milner, Morgan, Nelson, Olley, Paine, Parfitt, Piers, Ramsay, Relfe, Ross, Sainsbury, Saunders, Steel, Stone, Stubberfield, Sugden, Taylor, Thompson, Tiffeny, Toy, Whitefield, Wilcox, Williams, Woon, Wynniatt.

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