Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Public library advertising

The saga of the Toronto Public Library continues. To help with the financial situation the Board now has an advertising policy and will start with ads printed on the back of due date slips.
I was surprised, and disappointed, not to see the potential of the library website recognized in the policy. Why not have the library sell books through a library affiliate program, like those of Amazon and Indigo/Chapters. Folks searching for a book at the library, and finding a long waiting list, could be offered the opportunity to purchase through the affiliate program, at no additional cost. Or they might choose to purchase through the library site.
Even more entrepreneurial, an attribute the Ottawa Public Library doesn't regard as a priority for its operation, would be to allow people to donate nearly new books purchased through the scheme back to the library for a tax receipt if there was still a backlog of people looking to borrow.

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