08 February 2012

Essex Ancestors

The Essex Record Office have made available digital images of many parish registers and some wills, with no name indexing, through a subscription site at http://seax.essexcc.gov.uk/EssexAncestors.asp
The new issue of Connections, the Quebec Family History Society journal. includes a communication from the ERO drawing attention to the service and commenting that the service doesn't seem to be as well known in Canada as the UK and Australia.
Exchanges on the ESSEX-UK Rootsweb list late in 2011 drawing attention to some poor quality images were addressed in a posting from the ERO informing they had traced the problem to a poorly performing digital camera and that the images are being replaced. From this and other Rootsweb exchanges it appears the ERO is notably responsive to clients. It may pay to find some Essex ancestors; perhaps in your genealogy you think of them as Londoners but family members may have moved to live just across the county boundary in Leyton or West Ham.
Essex Ancestors subscriptions available are: 1 Day (24 hours) - £5.00; 1 Week (7 days) - £15.00; 1 month (30 days) - £25.00; 6 months (182 days) - £50.00; 1 year (365 days) - £75.00
As mentioned last August 537,583 records for the Church of England in Essex, both Parish Registers and Bishops’ Transcripts, are now on FamilySearch here.

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