Friday, 24 February 2012

WDYTYA Live Day 1

I arrived about 11:30am by which time the crowds at the entrance had all moved inside. There was not a stand (booth) that didn't seem to be enjoying good trade. The big exhibitors were, as you might expect, Find My Past and other subsidiaries of bright solid, and Ancestry, with a large contingent of societies under the umbrella of the Society of Genealogists. Each of these ran presentations as did Family Tree DNA.

There was a good contingent of genealogy bloggers including Chris Paton, Audrey Collins and Dick Eastman. I was able to record interviews with Chris Watts (coming to the OGS conference) and Debbie Kennett (author of DNA and Social Networks).
Richard Grey of mentioned the company expects to increase their online content by 50% or more in the coming year and are actively contemplating introducing a subscription as well as pay per view. service.

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