21 February 2012

ISOGG Newsletter

The Jan/Feb 2012 issue of the newsletter of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy is now posted at http://www.isogg.org/

It starts with an editorial by ISOGG Director Katherine Bourges on a perennial favourite topic, generation length. As she points out, for Y-DNA the only significant factor is what that has been in your paternal genetic line and that of the person to whom you're comparing DNA.

For other purposes a generation has also been defined as the time to the birth of the first child, in a large family very different from the span for a younger sibling.

The newsletter issue also contains a profile of genetic genealogy pioneer William "Bill" R. Hurst, information on DNA in Who Do You Think You Are?, the US TV program and Who Do You Think You Are? Live, a DNA success story and links to various DNA news items.

The ISOGG newsletter is a benefit for the Society 8,000 members. A link was posted in Twitter from an ISOGG account so I doubt the ISOGG police will mind the mention. ISOGG membership is FREE.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, John, for this very interesting link to the Society. I'm looking forward to receiving their newsletter and learning more about DNA results and news. They have some interesting, albeit condensed news, and I very much liked reading of others' DNA success stories.