15 June 2011

23andMe database surpasses 100,000 users

A press release from 23andMe celebrates passing 100,000 clients. While most of the press release is about health, ancestry gets a nod with the paragraph

23andMe additionally noted that 45 is the average age of its users, 57% of its users are male, 47% are sharing their data with other users and 12% have multiple ancestries -- representing heritage from over 177 countries from Azerbaijan to Zambia. The 23andMe community forums currently have over 100,000 posts and more than 60,000 pairs of relatives have been discovered among users using 23andMe's unique Relative Finder feature.

Read the full release at http://goo.gl/rZOTF

Comment:  23andMe have likely doubled their client base in the last year. While Family Tree DNA have exceeded that percent increase they likely have only a tenth the number of clients for their autosomal test.

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