25 June 2011


Historical timelines can help you to put the personal life of your ancestors in context. Just as you probably remember where you were when you found out New York's Twin Towers fell, your ancestors remembered where they were when they found out about major social and political situations of the time.

In episode 50 of his Create Your Life Story podcast Ian Kath discusses "5 Historical Timelines of Your Life Story". Even if you're not particularly attracted to his approach of recording audio you will likely still find his timeline approach and the timelines he references helpful.

Ian looks at timelines in primarily five groups: Family, Community, Cultural, Regional and Global. He provides links to timelines in various categories. See the details here.

Family Tree Forum also has a multi-part timeline, this with a distinctly UK orientation. Find it at: http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/946-timeline

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