29 June 2011

Ancestry fills some holes in England and Wales civil probate calendars

One of the best additions to Ancestry.co.uk last year was the England and Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941

I blogged on some of the issues with this database here. The glass was 90% full, but there were missing records, in particular for 1899-1903 and 1910-1911.

Celebrate. This update has gone a good way to filling the gaps. 1900-1903 and 1910-1911 now have records.

1899 is still missing as are records from the start of the civil administration of probate in 1858, and after 1941.

It would be helpful if Ancestry would provide information on other changes made with this update.


Cannuk said...

I agree. The Probate Calendar is a huge asset. However, Ancestry needs to inform us of updates, and more importantly complete them soon.

There is a bigger problem, though and that is with getting the wills themselves. You still cannot pay with a credit card. It must be Sterling cheque or money order. Most overseas researchers cannot write a Sterling cheque, and money orders are expensive, inconvenient and in some places impossible to get. I do wish they would get into the 21st century.

Chris Paton said...

You can also use an international money order - see http://www.justice.gov.uk/guidance/courts-and-tribunals/courts/probate/copies-of-grants-wills.htm.

NB: As of April, the price for a copy of an English or Welsh will has now increased to £6 from £5.