19 June 2011

Public art at the new Ottawa Central Archives building

Landscaping was underway around the new City Central Archives and OPL Materials Centre on Thursday. I stopped by on my way from the Centrepointe Library and snapped these shots of the public art installation in the courtyard to the northeast of the building.

As I recall the house suspended in the sky is supposed to light up at night; perhaps giving a different impression.

The installation was selected by a panel of experts assembled by the City from a number of proposals. There was a prior public showing of the proposals, this was not my selection.

At one of the last meetings of the stakeholder group for the building development I attended, just after this installation was selected, I queried the choice. A staff member assured me the public art process was followed assiduously and this was the unanimous recommendation of the expert panel.

I hope they're right and it doesn't continue to look like some remnant the building contractors forgot to remove.

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