11 June 2011

LAC 2011-2012 Report on Plans and Priorities, a first look

Compare the Wordle diagram for the just released Library and Archives Canada's 2011-2012 Report on Plans and Priorities with that for 2004-2005, the organization's first, and you won't see much change overall. In 2011 the abbreviation LAC has replaced spelling out the individual words, National has disappeared, partly replaced by pan-Canadian, and Modernization is prominent this year.

What comes through in a first reading of the text is an emphasis on service to government, and LAC as a repository and source for government information. There is a de-emphasis of LAC as a national (pan-Canadian) repository, and a move to get other local partners to assume part of that role, or to deliver online.

This, LAC trumpets using other institutions walls and screen in showing it's portrait collection. Would such a collection have existed if the emerging acquisition policy had been in place many years ago?

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