14 June 2011

LAC launches new version of the Lower Canada Land Petitions (1626-1865)Database

The following is a notice from Library and Archives Canada:

Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the online database Lower Canada Land Petitions (1626-1865). This version includes digitized images of the actual petitions for all individuals listed in the database. Corrections to entries, including suggestions received from users, have also been integrated into this updated version. Many staff members contributed to the success of this project, and their efforts are much appreciated. 
The database is available at:

The digitized images make this a good addition to the LAC online collection. More than 95,000 references to individuals who lived in present-day Quebec between 1764 and 1841 are included.

Some of the petitions are on multiple pages, The system can be slow in moving between pages.

The notice is dated June 8 and was posted on June 13.

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DWP said...

If from one search you get several hits, only one of the hits will have an associated digitized image. To see which hit does have an image, you have to examine the details of each one until you find the one that has the link "View Image" underneath the heading "Item Display". (The details are likely to show a volume number greater than 28 and a film number greater than C-2503.)

The other hits refer to records that contain the petitioner's name, but not a copy of the petition itself. For more details about this and for other helpful information look at "Search Help".

The slowness of moving between pages may be partly due to the large size of the image files, judging from the high resolution of the images. At a magnification of 400% I saw no pixellation.