21 June 2011

Renovations at LAC

In response to a query at the Friends of LAC annual general meeting on Monday it was made known that there will be work done on the sprinkler system than protects the reference collection on the second floor. Materials will need to be removed and not be accessible. There was no indication of exact date.

That's not the only work that needs doing on the building, just past the 44th anniversary of it's official opening. One of the two public elevators has not been operational for weeks, and nothing seems to be happening to repair it. If more of the LAC senior management team worked out of the building would repair have received a higher priority? If the Librarian and Archivist ever went to the building to interact with clients, not just practice one way communication, and that limited, he'd get an earful. Perhaps that's why he doesn't - unlike his counterpart at the National Archives in the UK who advertises his occasional availability to the ordinary clients.

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turner said...

That the LAC has also cut the number of free parking spaces in the lot on the west side of the building by more than HALF!!!!! and made 2 more handicapped spaces (fine) and given 2 to the Friends of the LAC (fine, they do favours) but all the rest to "senior management in transition," ie. their own staff, is disgraceful. I have sent off a complaining note to the LAC, and am not suprised that no one has replied. It appears that they really do not want visitors, they want us to use their on-line services, but jeez, in that case they should improve them one heck of a lot! Cheers.
Brenda Turner