07 June 2011

Ancestry updates Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1895-1957

Canadians, and others, have been visiting Mexico and returning via the USA for decades. Many of them are in an index of aliens, and some US citizens, crossing into the U.S. from Mexico via various ports of entry between 1895 and 1957. I found several people of interest, including former National Archivist Arthur Doughty.

The database on Ancestry covers: Ajo, Lukeville, and Sonoyta, Arizona (Jan. 1919-Dec. 1952) and Los Ebanos, Texas (Dec. 6, 1950-May 26, 1955); Douglas, Arizona (Jul. 1908–Dec. 1952); Douglas, Arizona (Sept. 10-1906-Oct. 10, 1955); Naco, Arizona (1908-1952); Nogales, Arizona (Jul. 1905-1952); San Luis, Arizona (Jul. 24, 1929-Dec. 1952); Sasabe/San Fernando, Arizona (1919-1952); Andrade and Campo (Tecate), California (1910-1952); Calexico, California (1907-1952); San Ysidro (Tia Juana), California (Apr. 21, 1908-Dec. 1952); Columbus, New Mexico (1917-1954); Brownsville, Texas (Feb. 1905-Mar. 31, 1957); Eagle Pass, Texas (Jun. 1905-Jun. 1953); El Paso, Texas (May 1909-Oct. 1924); El Paso, Texas (ca. Jul. 1924-Dec. 1954); Fabens, Texas (Jul. 1924-1954); Fort Hancock, Texas (1924-1954); Laredo, Texas (Jul. 1908-Feb. 1912); Laredo, Texas (May 1903-Apr. 1955); Presidio, Texas, (1895–1954); Progreso/Thayer, Texas (Oct. 1928-May 1955); Rio Grande City, Texas (Nov. 1908-May 1955); Roma, Texas (Mar. 1928-May 1955); San Antonio, Texas (May 17, 1944-Mar. 1952); Yseleta, Texas (Jul. 1924-1954); Zapata, Texas (Aug. 1923-Sep. 1953); plus manifests for the Immigration and Naturalization Service District of El Paso, Texas (1906-1910). 

The database generally includes: name, age, birth date, birthplace, gender, ethnicity/nationality, names of individuals accompanied by, port of arrival, arrival date. There are links to original images.

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Conchita Boggs said...

I think I have found my father's crossing fr Mx to US but Ancestry.com is expensive and I can't afford. I am trying to locate his body so I can someway have it reburied close to me but I don't know his DOB or date of death. I never met him. Is there another site that is free? Can't find in Family Search site. Would appreciate your help. Thank you.